10 Amazing Things That Prove Our Childhood Was The Best Time Ever


Here’s some childhood images to, hopefully put a smile on your face.

1. Tootsie Pop Drops

There’s certain candy bars and sweet treats that have always stuck in my mind and Tootsie Pop Drops are definitely one of them.  I could never make my mind up which flavor to choose so I would alternate between the chocolate and grape flavors.  Mum used to tell me off for eating the whole packet but there was no way I was ever going to share them with my irritating brother!

2. Bologna

You either loved it or you hated it!  Even though it looked far from appetising, I ate every morsel on the plate.  I even liked it in between 2 slices of Wonder Bread, on a Saturday lunch time.  This was one of the few things my dad could make, not that it took much making, just sticking it in the frying pan.

3. The Golden Girls

I loved the Golden Girls, aired on a Friday evening on NBC at 10pm.  The fact I could stay up late to watch it was as enjoyable as the actual show!  It ran for 7 seasons and won just about every award it was up for.  Funny and poignant, it had the perfect mix which wouldn’t have worked if it was not for the wonderful actresses.  Did you know Dorothy’s mom was actually younger than her in real life!  Thank you for being a friend.

4. Tony Orlando & Dawn

How is it that one of the most annoying songs on the planet could remain at number 1 in the charts and have us singing along, even if we didn’t want to!  I’d find myself humming it, after hearing it on the radio and I couldn’t stop myself.  Teen Beat often featured the group, with snippets of gossip about them and a giant poster for our bedroom walls.  This song was just as grating as their previous hit, Knock Three Times, but they obviously had the right formula as they sold millions of records.