10 Childhood Recollections You Won’t Be Able To Resist


Who’s on board to take a trip back to the 70s and 80s?  We may re-visit your favorite program,  talk about your treasured vinyl records or show an image of your precious costume jewelry which you kept in the jewel box with the ballerina that moved around when you wound her up with the key!  Take a quick peek at these reminders from days gone by and see which ones hold special memories for you!

1. Banquet TV Dinners

I felt we had fast-forwarded to the future!  After having to sit around the dining table, with the family, to eat an often boring meal, Banquet answered our prayers and introduced TV dinners.

2. Tupperware

Mom’s main social life revolved around parties – tupperware parties, that is.  It’s quite unbelievable how excited she and all her finds were at buying these storage containers.  Orange, yellow and brown colors were particularly popular in the 70s, to match the kitchen!

3. Heather Locklear

I had a bit of a girl crush on her.  She was everything I wanted to be – good looking, nice clothes and long blonde hair!  I remember watching her as Jody Banks in “The Fall Guy”, wishing I could grow my stupid short fringe out and have her hairstyle! Heather actually gave up acting and disappeared from the limelight in the late 80s.  She now writes novels and is very involved in politics so not just a pretty face

4. School Dinners

This image shows one of the better school dinners. The pizza was a winner for me on any day of the week.  The dinner monitor used to come round each table and check we were eating our greens.  I used to hide my broccoli in my skirt pocket and forget I had done so until mom spotted it when I got home. Besides pizza, the chocolate desserts were demolished in seconds.  Depending on which dinner lady was in charge, we were sometimes allowed seconds!