10 Childhood Recollections You Won’t Be Able To Resist


9. Jiffy Pop Popcorn

Big flashback with this!  There was a slogan that it was as good to make as it was to eat and our family ate a lot of it!    When we were at our grandparents, they would pop candy in the fire pit whilst we watched movies and I loved this time! Jiffy popcorn seems to have been around forever.  I know you can still get it, but with all the fuss of using a saucepan, it’ easier to buy a big bag!

10.  Solid Gold

After “American Bandstand”, this was the program to watch.  Performances from the top pop artists and music videos (very new in 1980) kept us glued to the TV.  There weren’t many music shows on TV so this was always a treat. My brother was over-interested as there was always a group of dancers every week, wearing very little clothing, as they moved around seductively to a track from the top ten!