10 Fun Memories We Have Of The Past


Read on to see if your childhood mirrored mine in any way – enjoy!

1. Cassette Recorder

My dad had one and the first thing I did with it was record my voice, speaking and singing.  I was shocked at how I sounded – just awful.  I was allowed to borrow it to record the top 20 hits from the radio and I could then listen back to them, at my leisure, dancing in my bedroom.

2. Brownie Uniform

I promise to do my best, to do my duty……. I can still recite the Brownie/Guide Law to this day!  I used to polish my leather shoes every Wednesday evening and wear my leather belt with the purse attached on top of my Brownie tunic.  My favorite badge was Cookery as I wasn’t allowed near the kitchen at home so I was able to show my culinary skills at Brownies.  Going to camp was just the best, so exciting!

3  Badges

In the 80s, it was quite cool to collect badges so I did just that.  I would pin a few to my school bag and pencil case.  I’d even display a couple on my school coat, usually badges with wording, rather than pictures, such as “Don’t forget to smile” and “Love is ….sharing a chocolate bar”!  My obsession with badges meant I filled a whole cookie tin with them.  Years later, I found them with other memorabilia and I didn’t have the heart to throw them away.

4. Wooden Surround TV

This put the ‘wow’ in wow factor – it was a status symbol that we had the latest TV!  My family didn’t have one but my auntie did so, when we visited our cousins, we enjoyed nothing more than watch cartoons on this beauty.  It was talked about, polished, admired and polished some more!  TVs were made differently back then and we had to wait for the tubes to arm up before the picture appeared.