10 Fun Memories We Have Of The Past


5.  Friendship Pins

I made dozens of these in an attempt to become more popular.  I offered my friendship pins to the coolest kids, in the hope they would befriend me, although they were sometimes rejected.  We pinned them to our school bags, to the laces of our tennis shoes, jazz shoes or worn out pair of Chuck Taylors.  If you had friends, you had pins.

6. Tube Socks

At the roller rink, on the baseball mound, or playing kickball in the playground, you had to have a pair of tube socks with the striped tops.  If you wanted to stand out from the crowd wearing a different color stripe on each leg separated you from the nerds!  They were perfect for sports and most fashionable rolled down to the ankle like a giant donut!

7. Bay City Rollers

My elder sister was completely obsessed with this Scottish group.  She wore the tartan, played the records and talked about them all the time, which was annoying for me as I couldn’t bear them.  She had a ‘thing’ for Woody, who I thought was the ugliest of the group and, when I used to tell her, she would nip me or smack me.  I even remember her trying to speak with a Scottish accent and the whole family teased her.

8. Pop Posters On Bedroom Walls

I am guilty as charged!  Every space on my bedroom wall was absolutely covered in posters, mainly Donny Osmond and David Cassidy.  Mom would go mad because I used sticky tape, instead of blue-tac, and made a mess of the walls when the posters were taken down.  I was so short of space to put the new ones up that I used the ceiling.  I would put a chair on my bed and get my younger sister to hold it down whilst I positioned one of my pop idols so that, when I woke up, he would be staring down at me – ah!