10 Images That’ll Have You Reminiscing About The 70s & 80s


What do you remember most about your childhood and growing up years?  Did you get involved in school yard crazes, did you roller skate around the block or did you have your nose in a great book, such as Heidi or Sarah Gay, Model Girl?  I could almost well up as recall all of these.

I remember once, my sister had a really wide pair of bell bottoms and I borrowed them without asking.  She knew I’d worn them as they were too long for me and I’d tripped over the hem, undoing all the stitching.  I denied it, of course, but she still kicked me on the shin and I have a little dent there to this day!   See how many of these images bring back memories for you.


1. Batman

The old ones are the best, and this was certainly the case with Batman.  I’m showing my age now but I remember watching it in black and white whilst I was in hospital, having my tonsils and adenoids out.  I used to be scared of the Joker and his big, ugly smile and thought Robin looked a bit stupid in his stockings and fairy boots!

2. Lawn Darts

 Health and Safety was nowhere to be seen in the 70s as kids and adults tested their skills in the back yard.   My brother and his friend used to play this for hours and hours, during the summer and, luckily, there were no injuries to mention!    He also had a dart board at the back of his bedroom door, where he would take out his anger, after arguing with me and my other brother!

3. The Lone Ranger

Big memories of my childhood!  After being in the comics, he was catapulted to the small and big screen.  My parents remembered him from when they were young and the stories carried on entertaining us as we grew up.  It used to air on Saturday mornings and each episode had a moral to it.  Even to this day, after the first few bars of the introductory music, it is easily recognised.