10 Images That’ll Have You Reminiscing About The 70s & 80s


4. 8-Track

To have an 8-track in your car was pretty cool.  My cousin had one, made by Pioneer, and he would drive around the bock, windows down and music blaring out, usually Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.  My uncle would shout out of the back door to keep the noise down so he would turn the volume up, even louder! 

5. Herbal Essence Shampoo

There weren’t a large array of shampoos to choose from as there are today, but Herbal Essence was used by our whole family in the 80s.  It was widely advertised to guarantee shiny and fuller hair and I believed the commercial!  It had a distinctive herbal odour which was very refreshing and kept our crimped hair looking amazing!

6. Moon Pie

I’m sure many of you will remember the two round graham cracker cookies with the yummy marshmallow centre.  There were some delicious flavours, strawberry and banana being the best.  You could also get Moon Pie Crunch which came in mint or peanut butter, a difficult design to make.  Such was their popularity that a new flavor, caramel, was recently introduced, although  do’t this they taste as goo as they used to.