10 Images To Melt Your Heart As We Re-Visit The 80’s And 70’s


Everyone of a certain age loves a bit of nostalgia.  Funny how we tend to remember the good things about our childhood, cycling on our banana bikes, playing out in the baking hot summer sun with no sun protection, having Hoppity Hop races in the back yard and showing off with our new Casio calculator watches.  Thinking about calculators, do you remember how we used to use the numbers to spell out rude words such as boobies!

Here’s some reminders from the 70s and 80s you may have forgotten about until you see them now – hope you enjoy them!

1. Corn Popper

Manufactured by Fisher Price, the corn popper could be pushed or pulled and the colored balls inside the dome bounced to make a popping sound.  My youngest brother used to play with this and, if I tried to take it off him, he would go into a terrible tantrum and mom would scream at me for starting with him.

2.  Mood Ring

My girlfriends and I each had one of these.  It was actually the temperature that made the ring change color  as it contained a heat sensitive liquid, but we believed it was all to do with the mood.  I had the one in a silver setting although you could get them in gold.

3. Candies

Oh how I adored my Candies.  I had the pink ones and I loved the loud noise they mad when you walked in them.  It make me feel grown up.  They looked brilliant with jeans or a denim skirt and I wiped mine over after every outing, to keep them in perfect condition.  I wore “segs” on the heals to keep them going longer but they kept falling out.

4. Coty Wild Musk Oil

A real flashback to the late 70s, this sweet musky scent captured the mood of teenagers and moms alike.  You only needed a few drops on your wrist or it would be overpowering and make your nose itch!  My elder sister used to hide her musk oil so me and my younger sister couldn’t get our hands on it.