10 Things 80s School Kids Will Remember!


When everybody told you that being at school would be the best years of your life, you thought they were barmy didn’t you? Well now you’r all grown up i bet you’ve found yourself saying to kids on at least one occasion! Well we think the 80s were the best decade to be at school so here are ten things to remind you of your school days! They were probably around in the 70s and 90s too!!!


1. Come and Praise

These were the books we needed in assembly when we were made to sing the hymns – looking back those classics really remind us of our childhood – you know songs like ‘The Ink Is Black”, ‘Give Me Oil In My Lamp’ and of course ‘He’s Got The Whole World’

2. P.E. Apparatus

Remember the dreaded Apparatus! Ooo those ropes didn’t half burn if you slid down them. We used to have to climb to the top with only a flimsy Mat to protect us should we fall!

3. Marvin PVA Glue

The stuff of legend that had a multitude of purposes, the best one of course we’ll come to in a minute!

4. Glue Spreaders

You Needed these of course to spread the Marvin PVA onto your school work, but more importantly they were good for spreading the glue when you wanted to do this…