10 Throwback Images You Won’t Want To Miss


Here are a few choice images you’ll definitely want to see, to jolt your memory and put a smile on your face!

1. Root Beer Barrels

This is proper old time candy with a taste which cannot be matched by any other piece of confectionery.  Dad always had a little white bag of these in his jacket pocket and my sister and I would sneak a few from him.  He used to pretend to be angry with us and count them out and say how many were missing.  It was a game we always played and I wish he was here now to still do it.  Family memories always hold dear in my heart.

2. Burger Chef

A treat indeed!  The chain had two big Star War promotions in the 70s and you could get an awesome poster if you ordered a large Coke.  I remember getting the Star Wars Fun Meal and trying to make up the puppet.  My dad had to of it in the end and it took him ages!  Burger Chef had the best tasting burgers in town and pretty mean fries, in my opinion!

3. Cuckoo Clock

I don’t know how my grandparents could bear this, and the other two, they had in their house.  On the hour, every hour, day and night, the clock made it presence known!  I do, however, look upon it with fondness as it reminds me when I used to stay with them every Friday night.  Grandpa always bought in my favorite candy and chocolate bars and I was allowed to stay up late!

4. Typewriter

Any young person would think this typewriter had been dug out of a stone age hole as it couldn’t look more old fashioned if it tried.  The fact we had to learn how to place our hands on the keyboard and know the letters off by heart, on a 10-week typing course, seems ridiculous!  The worse part was changing the ribbon, a messy job which always left your hands inky!