10 Weird But Very Real Things From Our Childhood


Isn’t it strange that what we see now as being weird was completely normal back in the day.  The clothes I proudly wore in the 70s and 80s wouldn’t look out of place on a modern day clown.  I bought a purple wooden peaked cap to copy the one Donny wore in a poster in Teen Beat and, strangest of all, I got my mom to crochet me a poncho – remember them?  So you think that all sounds weird, well, read on.

1.  Glowmesh Purse

This made an appearance when mom and dad went to his company’s annual dinner.  I remember mom wore a green velvet full-length dress which had a high neck and ruffles around the collar.  I have vivid memories of it as I often tried it on, during my dressing up phase, and imagined I was going out somewhere exclusive were everyone would turn to admire me.

2. Friendship Pins

These safety pins were really cool.  I’d use the gold colored pins and load them with tiny beads, Then I’d attach them to backpacks and purses.  They became friendship pins when you gave them to, or traded them with, friends and classmates.  I gave away many, many more than I ever received so I worked out that the more I made and handed out, then surely someone would reciprocate.

3. Kissing Koolers

The late 80s saw these lip smacking products.  Peppermint was my favorite and I slapped it on about 10 times a day!  Kissing Koolers replaced Maybelline Kissing Potions and my sister had them in every flavor.  The advert on TV advises that we should use a different flavor for every guy we kissed.  I was very shy, even well into my teens and I never got past strawberry!

4. Cola Yo Yo

They say that sometimes the simplest toys are the best and, as far as the yo-yo was concerned, this was definitely true.  I would take mine to school and, during recess, along with the dozens of other kids, we would practice taking the dog for a walk and timing ourselves how long we could keep the yo-yo going.  It was cool if it was a Cola one or another well-known make.  A blank one didn’t have the same effect, in our eyes.