10 Weird But Very Real Things From Our Childhood


5. Roller Skates

Every Friday, after school, I would go to the roller rink with my elder sister and her best friend.  They never wanted me around, as I cramped their style, but I was determined to tag along and improve my skills.  I had seen a TV show where there was a roller disco and this was my mission in life – to dance on my skates.

6. Sun In Spray In

I often used this in the summer.  Mom said I was too young to dye my hair so the next best thing was to spray this into my mid-length locks and then I would bake in the sun for a good few hours until my hair was visibly lightened.  I never got to look like the model on the front of the spray but I was happy enough with the results.  My brother also used it but denied doing so!

7. Dr Scholl’s Exercise Sandals

Happy memories of finally getting a pair of these.  I was desperate for these beauties as they were so fashionable!  I loved the sound they made when you walked in them, the same sound as a grown up wearing high heels.  I did stub my toe a couple of times when I tripped over in them, but otherwise, they came up to my expectations.

8. Winnie The Poo Music Box TV

I got this exact one when I was 4 years old.  I played it constantly whilst dancing in my bedroom until one day, I over-wound it, the knob broke off and I danced no more – that is until mom got me the Fisher Price toy record player.  Life was worth living again as I paraded around the carpet to a new set of nursery rhymes.