11 Child Stars That You Crushed On Then And Now


It was easy to fall for any one of these child stars when we were kids because we were able to watch them grow up before our eyes and if we happen to be the same age, it was easy to fantasize that the two of you were “meant to be!” Also, if you were a true fan, you not only watched them on TV or in a movie but you also collected miniature posters of them in teen magazines. Now, after all of this time, let’s see if these child stars that you crushed on back then still measure up to our standards today:

1. Sean – Rider Strong.

He was in the TV show “Boy Meets World”. Now, He’s all grown up and sports a beard.

2. Winnie Cooper – Danica McKellar.

She was Kevin’s love interest in ‘The Wonder Years’. Now, she definitely looks different in that “grown up” kind of way.


3. Kelly Kaposi – Tiffany Amber Thiessen.

She was in the teen TV show ‘Saved By The Bell’. She still looks a lot like she used to back then.