11 Good Reasons Why 70s And 80s Fashion Was The Best!


You know they say you shouldn’t throw out your old clothes as they are sure to come back into fashion at some stage.  That’s a fair comment but would they still fit?  That’s a “no” in my case although I think my flared dungarees from the 70s could have made an appearance!  A bit of nostalgia and a lot of laughs – check out what we were wearing then!

1  The Cher Look

Only this woman could get away with such a ‘look’, which I absolutely loved!  Yes, it’s over the top but maybe not for Studio 54!

2  Snakeskin Platforms

I sprained my ankle on a pair very similar to this!

3  Prom Dress

I’m sure this wouldn’t look out of place on Dynasty!

4  Bell Bottoms

The wider the better!

5  Chunky Knitwear

Starsky was as famous for his sweaters as his acting!