11 Secrets About ‘Home Improvement’ You Never Knew


This show was about a self-proclaimed ‘Tool’ man who had his own TV show within this show that was called ‘Tool Time’. It also centered around his family and home life. The main character, Tim Allen, was also notorious for not being very handy at all! Here are some secrets about the show that nobody knew until now:

1. MC Hammer.

It was originally inspired by the song, ‘U Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer. In fact, the show within the show was going to be called, ‘Hammer Time’ and was later changed to ‘Tool Time’.

2. Ashley Judd.

She was originally going to play the ‘Tool Time’ girl but decided to pursue her movie career instead. The part wet to Pamela Anderson.


3. Frances Fisher.

Another lady that was positioned to play a role in this TV was Frances Fisher as Tim’s wife, Jill. She was even in the pilot show but the audience felt that she was too serious for the role and she was replaced by Patricia Richardson.