11 Secrets About ‘Home Improvement’ You Never Knew


4. He’s not the older one.

Zackery Ty Bryan played the older brother, Brad, on this show but he is actually one month younger than Thomas in real life!


5. Her AMA on Reddit.

She told many stories about what it was like behind the scenes of this show and also revealed that a horse was supposed to appear in one episode but, according to her, “we couldn’t get it on the scene because we couldn’t stop it from having an erection.” Pretty revealing!


6. These two disagreed.

At one point, Tim Allen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas didn’t get along after Jonathan left before the last season to pursue his studies because during that time, he also made movie and TV appearances which didn’t sit well with Tim at all. However, he got over it and has since had Jonathan appear several times on his new show, ‘Last Man Standing’.