11 Things ALL 90s Girls Will Remember From Their Childhood


Being a girl is a unique experience because we were allowed to be as silly, as sad or as sassy as we wanted with hardly any complaints from anyone.  There was never any pressure to be tough or fix anything and so we were often left to our own devices to discover our true personalities.  Also, we had lots of colors, toys and lip balms to tide us over. Here are some of those things that we used to express ourselves and occupy our time in order to develop our perfect personalities.

1. Lisa Frank.

This was a great way to express yourself at school with these bright colors, animals, and aliens!  It had absolutely everything!

2. Blow Up Furniture.

If you wanted your room to look more like a living room, you just HAD to have this!



3. Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

We had plenty of shows that starred girls and even girls with powers!

4. LipSmackers.

These were a variety of lip chaps that you had in whatever color and flavor that you wanted.