11 Things That Remind You Of Being Off School When We Were Younger


Although we were ill, we all secretly loved having a day off school. You were the talk of the whole class when you were off because no-one knew what was up with you.

This was the best, because you knew that all your friends were jealous of you. Whilst they were at school, you were living it large at home.

However, there were some downfalls. If you were properly ill then you really weren’t enjoying your time.

Here are 11 things that remind us of being off school back in the day..

1. Putting on that fake ill voice to make you sound MORE ill than you were

Your parents knew if you were faking it or not. But, when they decided that you were definitely ill and had to have the day off you then went on to put on this fake voice.

You made yourself sound SO weak so they felt even more sorry for you. The bad this was that you had to blag this for the whole rest of the day.

2. Feeling fine when it got to about 2pm but having to fake illness until it reached 3:30pm when you actually finished school

By the time the afternoon came we all felt better. But, we couldn’t just make this miraculous recovery and have them fall out with us for blagging a day off school.

This meant you had to blag your illness past the time that school usually finished. Just to prove that you wouldn’t have been able to survive a full day at school.

3. If you were really ill you had this…

This was easily the WORST medicine in the WHOLE while world. There was nothing nice about this.

Every time you had to have these antibiotics you just stood in your kitchen gagging and crying about how much you didn’t want them.