12 Random Things That You Remember From Your Childhood


We are likely to remember all of these things on this list because they were often a part of our everyday lives. Some of them were toys that we played with and the rest are things that will simply bring back the memories of those moments spent as a child. It wasn’t all about the internet back then and for that reason, these things hold a special place in our hearts because they represent how we spent so much of our time. Take a look back at your childhood:

1. Slinky.

How many of you can remember being frustrated that it didn’t ‘slink’ down the stairs as easily as it did on the commercials? Nonetheless, we spent hours trying.

2. Etch A Sketch.

This was the most unimaginative toy that still managed to spawn some creativity nonetheless.


3. Kaleidoscope.

These were amazing to look through. We spent hours spinning it in circles to create a new spectacle of colors every time.

4. Slide puzzle.

Getting these in and out of order took time and patience.

5. Fuzzy Pencil Tops.

These really served no purpose except for the fact that they were cute.

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