12 Sentimental Images From Time Gone By


I suppose I feel very sentimental about my childhood as we were a tight, family unit.  Mom would tell me off  or deny me one of my unreasonable requests (in her view) so I would then go to dad who usually gave in to me, for a quiet life!  Then we’d all laugh about it together, as it wasn’t that important anyway.  Let’s take you back to the 70s and 80s and catch up on what life was like!

1  Tang

The plastic cheese flavour spread was yummy on Wonder bread!

2  Prell

Oh, I can still remember the scent of this!

3  Silly Putty

We used to put it over our comics.

4  Etch-A-Sketch

Its amazing how iron filings could create such a good toy!

5  Captain Caveman

Great Saturday morning viewing.