12 Things That’ll Take You Back To The 70s And 80s


Curly perms and afros were a normal sight to be seen in the 70s, whether you were a boy or girl!  TV gave us some brilliant cartoons, The Flintstones, Felix The Cat and Deputy Dawg.  At the very end of the 70s, there was one very important question, “Who shot J.R.?”  As we moved into the 80s, there was a lot of crimping and styling mousse.  We wore jelly bracelets and dressed head to toe in neon and/or lycra.  Let’s have a peak at some images from these eras – hope you enjoy them!

1  Grocery Store

Before the hypermarkets, shopping was a much more personal experience.

2  Hi-C Drink

We used to drink this all the time when we were younger.

3  Three’s Company

This was such a great series growing up.

4  Freshen-Up

I always had a packet in my school bag, with the optimistic thought I might get kissed by the class heart throb!

5  Life Savers Fruit Punch

This flavor fizzled out before it ever got going although I personally really liked it.