13 Things From Your Childhood That You Didn’t Know Had Names


So you’re probably pretty familiar with TY teddy bears, but do you know the name of beloved tag on their ear?

If you’ve ever found yourself trying to describe a toy you had in the ’90s to other people, but been stuck for a name, then this article is about to answer a lot of your questions.

Here are 13 things from your childhood that you didn’t know had names.


These watery, slippery things were the perfect toy to buy at a gift shop at the end of a school trip – but you probably never knew what they were called. Turns out they were named Water Wigglies.


Remember the cold sensation of putting one of these on your face? Yet another toy that we all had but definitely didn’t know the name of. They were simply called pin screen or pin art.


This “S” was the logo of the ’90s. We were never sure where it came from and why we were so obsessed with drawing it all over our class notes. It’s called the Super S Stussy.


It turns out the little heart shaped tag that comes on a TY teddy is called the “swing tag”. We were so scared of pulling these off when we were kids.


The tag on the Beanie Bears butt also had a name, adorably called the “tush tag”.


These toys were so mesmerising we weren’t interested in what they were called. However it turns out they’re Mandala Toys or Magic Loops.


Can you still remember the pain of one of these useless toys hitting you in the fingers? Well that pain was caused by a a “clacker”.


No ’90s pencil case was complete without the pencils with the interchangeable leads. We might have had loads of them but did you know that they’re called Point Pencils?


On the topic of pencils, the metal bit that holds the eraser in a pencil is called a ferrule.


The little strip of paper that comes out of the top of a Hershey Kiss is called a Niggly Wiggly.


When it comes to some ’90s toys the names are pretty straight forward. For example this nifty invention is called Plastic Expanding Magic Ball.


Another pretty simple one is Sticky Hands. However these were definitely the booby prize.


You may have never owned one of these, but we can bet that you’ve definitely played on one…probably in the doctors waiting room. They’re classically called Bead Table or more excitingly Wooden Bead Roller Coaster.