13 Things You Would Be Sure To Find In A 70s And 80s Home


I can remember, so clearly, when I got my first record player.  It came in a red carry case and was made by ‘Fidelity’.  I regularly bought singles and I would play each one over and over again until I learned all the words.  Before my record player, I had to make do with the radiogram, which took pride of place in the living room.  Take a look at these items you’d be sure to see at home when you were younger.

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1  Table Tray

Yes, we had one of these and mom made sure we had coasters on it so as not to mark the table.

2  TV Set

Memories of dad moving the aerial all over the place to get a good signal!

3  Hassock

We had our’s for so many years, it split at the side but we carried on using it.

4  Wall Telephones

Avocado green was a very modern color back then!

5  Sewing Machine

Grandma had one exactly like this and she used to do all the alterations to our school uniforms.