15 Awesome Video Games That Ruled Your Childhood, Because I Know You Miss Them Too


13. Silver Surfer

Watch the video. The Angry Video Game Nerd is a Youtuber who reviews old games and Silver Surfer is worthy of his rage. Pretty much the only thing in the game that doesn’t kill the Silver Surfer is air. You can’t touch a single thing and even the walls kill you. Plus, everything offs you in a single hit. This all despite the fact that in the Marvel universe, the Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos.

14. Castlevania

Right up there with Ninja Gaiden and Mega Man, in terms of being a classic that will make you want to break your controller, is the Castlevania series. You (usually) play as a member of the Belmont family on a mission to kill Dracula and naturally you’ve got to get through his castle first. The obstacles are ruthless, the jumping intense, the enemies relentless and the stairs a real hazard. Yeah, the stairs. If you don’t hit the stairs just right, you’ll fall right on through to your death. Pretty lame for an enchanted whip-wielding vampire hunter, but whatever. Play it for its incredible soundtrack.

15. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is in a league of its own. Very few people have ever progressed past the first level. This video shows a team of professional video game players giving it their absolute best and not even coming close to beating it. You play as Dr. Jekyll, who’s trying to make it to his own wedding, but has basically no weapons or means of attack and moves painfully slowly. Also, everything is trying to kill you. Once you take enough damage, you totally freak out and become Mr. Hyde, who’s able to shoot fireballs for some reason and can move much faster, but you have to go in the opposite direction (the level inverts itself, indicative of your transformation).

You’d think it might make sense to just turn into Hyde all the time, but the programmers anticipated that and they will not let you move beyond the same spot that Jekyll made it to, for fear of giving in to your evil side. I’m not joking. If you pass the equivalent spot in the level, a lightning bolt comes down from the sky and kills you instantly. I guess the makers of the game felt that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was the time and place to take a stand and make a commentary on the nature of human morality. Or they just really suck at programming. Good luck and happy gaming.