15 Past Fashion Tragedies That Are Now Pretty Cool

 They were cool, then not cool, and now (hopefully) they’ll be cool again. Circle of life, yo.

1. Parachute Pants

They were actually made from parachute material and felt good to wear. (Okay, really good.) You could not put keys or a wallet in them because that would ruin the effect of wearing them in the first place, but not having money and being locked out of your house was a small price to pay for fashion.

2.Piano Scarf

Say you really wanted to be seen as a serious musician but don’t have the effort, talent or patience to actually take the time to become one. What is a pretend musician to do?

Buy a piano scarf. Dilemma solved.

3.Disco Shirts

Listen, I’m not one to tell a person what to do (yes, I am ”” I totally am), but you really should not be allowed to wear this shirt unless it is unbuttoned to the naval and you have the chest hair growth equivalent of Bigfoot. That’s just good fashion sense.