15 Sweets From The 90s That Will Teleport You To Your Childhood Days!


Back then, a candy bar was a real treat.  However, any other time, we simply had candy with us all of the time.  Seriously, the amount of sugar that we consumed in those days was amazing.  Even if you didn’t like some of these candies, you tried them anyway because they were everywhere and always offered to you at school, home or at a friend’s house.  Take a look and see if you can remember always having these candies to eat:

1. Atomic Fire Ball.

A super hot cinnamon ball of sugar that was almost too hot to eat!

2. Candy Dots.

You had to peel a dot off to eat it.  Meanwhile, you carried them around like this. Great for sharing! Just tear a piece of paper off and hand it to your friend.



3. Lollipop Paint Shop.

This was a great way to paint the sugar right into your mouth!