17 Shops From The 80s We Wish Would Come Back From The Dead


Also, we had plenty of stores to choose from so it’s not as if we were boxed in at all.  This is why shopping became what we did best because we didn’t have to look around for the best deal.  They simply existed in our favorite stores.  Take a look at this list and see if you can remember spending some of your hard-earned cash in any of these places.  It will make you long for this kind of shopping experiences again.

1. Our Price.

This was the ultimate music store to get the latest and greatest singles that came out.

2. C&A.

This was your mom’s favorite store to get all of your vests and school coats.  At the time, you didn’t like it much but now that it’s gone and your style has changed, you wouldn’t mind shopping at one again.

3. Dolcis.

This store had some awesome knee high boots and it’s good to know where to find these so that you’re not wasting your time looking around town.