20 Words and Phrases That Will Soon Be Completely Obsolete


A lot of the words and phrases you grew up using will likely have no meaning to…

1. “Adjust the TV Antenna”

The digital television transition has pretty much made the use of television antennas completely antiquated. There are still plenty of places using them, but it’s only a matter of time before they’re eliminated completely. The next generation will have no idea about how much of a delicate touch was often necessary to get a clear broadcast of your favorite show.

2. “Balance Your Checkbook”

The phrase itself will probably last a long time, but checks themselves are rarely used today, except by large businesses. With the rise of online banking, customers have all the work done for them by their computer. Many people are completely unaware that the “balance” part of the phrase stems from the act of subtracting the cost of your purchases from your beginning account balance, and instead think it refers to simply keeping everything organized and stable.

3. “Dial Tone”

Remember back in the old days, how you’d lift up the receiver and wait for the dial tone? Cell phones don’t do that. This was a conscious effort on the part of those who brought cell phones to the masses, as they felt that no dial tone would keep people from feeling rushed to send their calls. This would mean less time was spent on the network, and thus kept it from getting strained. With land lines going the way of the dodo, future generations will not even know what a dial tone was, much less ever hear one.

4. “Ditto”

“Ditto” is a simple word used by people when they agree with someone else’s sentiment. It is already a pretty old-fashioned word, but its meaning goes all the way back to “ditto machines” which were a sort of hand-cranked copy machine invented in the early 1920s. Ditto machines were in widespread use all the way up to the 1980s but were eventually replaced by copy machines. To say “ditto” meant that your opinion was identical to your friend’s, just like a copy made by the ditto machine.