25 Things That Are Totally Memory Triggers For ’80s Kids


You might not have thought of these things in a very long time, but they live deep down in the recesses of your mind.

1. How Mickey and friends totally got you to “Mousercise” and get your “Splashdance” on:

You’re probably shouting “Come on, everybody, let’s MOUSERCISE!!!” in your head right now.

2. The excitement you felt when you saw the F.H.E. logo whenever you put a video on:

It was most likely a Jem or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VHS tape.

3. The ~fancy~ feeling you got whenever you drank New York Seltzer…

It came in a glass bottle!!!

4. …and how ~cool~ you felt whenever you drank Koala Springs cola.

You probably got a cavity just thinking about it.

5. The big whiffs of Colorforms you took whenever you played with them: