26 Moments That No ’90s Kid Will Ever Get Over


This nostalgia-tastic list will have you begging for one more round of kickball before you have to go inside and finish building that diorama.

1. When Britney and Justin broke up.

2. When your gel pens ran out of gel.

3. When the vacuum swallowed your Polly Pockets.

These classic little Polly people are in great condition – their faces are still good (the most common paint loss place!) but there is some minor paint rubbing here and there. Overall they are sweet as can be!

4. When Mufasa died.

5. When people ruined these by pointing out the sexual innuendoes.

They had absolutely no purpose, yet they could mesmerize us for hours! Oh how the tides have turned.

6. When this happened to your favorite VHS.

7. When NSYNC stopped making music.

8. When school lunches changed and became more “healthy.”

9. When you tried Sun In and your hair didn’t look at all like what it was supposed to.

10. The entire second VHS tape of Titanic.