31 Vintage Shows on Netflix You Need to Binge Next


With Netflix launching a Gilmore Girls reboot this Fall, we started thinking about all the beloved past series you can watch on the streaming service. Whether you’ve been meaning to get around to watching (or rewatching) Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights, or Arrested Development, we’ve rounded up the excellent old series that you can stream in their entirety. Say goodbye to your Memorial Day weekend plans and hello to your remote.

Breaking Bad

Missed the Breaking Bad train when the series was on the air? It’s not too late to get into Walt and Jesse — or get back into them, now that Better Call Saul has also hit.

30 Rock

All seven season of Liz Lemon’s adventures behind the scenes are available to watch. Watch it and work on your night cheese.

Friday Night Lights

Haven’t watched this affecting drama set in the world of high school football? It’s time now (trust us — you’ll be rewarded).