Halloween Newspaper Ads From The ‘80s and ‘90s!


It’s our favorite time of the year again, Halloween! That’s right! Nothing beats it. Especially when you were a kid and got to pick out a costume to wear so that you could go out and get FREE candy! For some of us, growing up doesn’t mean growing out of the spirit of Halloween because it will always remind us of our childhoods and especially when you take a look at some of these ads below. They are filled with nostalgia about this special time of the year when we can remember looking at the newspaper in order to decide which costume we would wear this year and remind us of all the other things we needed to prepare for that day:

1. ‘Hannibal’Mask!

There’s no way this was cool, even back then but they thought that they could sell it to us with this ad. Being scary is one thing but being creepy is just wrong.



2. Classic ‘80s kid costumes.

Now we’re getting into the kinds of costumes that we would like and wish were ours to wear for Halloween.



3. McDonald’s Halloween Pails.

This was on everyone’s list! All you had to do was go to McDonald’s for a happy meal and it was yours!