8 Images That Had The Wow Factor Back In The 80’s


When my parents bought a new brown, four seater brown patterned couch for our sitting room, it was a talking point.  The swirly shapes on the cushions matched the vivid wallpaper and the draylon/velvet seating was something to be admired.  When mom’s friend came round, she made a beeline for our new furniture and there was a definite tinge of jealousy going on.

On the clothes front, the wow factor was certainly attributed to the new fashion sweeping the nation – leg warmers!  I had a few neon pairs which I wore over my cotton drill jeans.  I even wore them to the disco, as did all of my friends.  Here are some images which are enough to stop you in your tracks.

1. Candy Dish

Memories of my grandparents’ house.  Grandma kept this candy jar, always filled to the brim, on the dining room table and my sisters and I were allowed to help ourselves, which was a far cry from home when mom rationed our sweet treats and cookies.

2. Autograph Book

I was desperate for an autograph book – I don’t know why as the chance of meeting anyone famous and getting their valuable signature was probably about nil – but my school friends all had them so I wanted to follow suit.  I did fill the pages with autographs from my family and neighbours (I was only 7 so don’t judge me!)

3. Bell Bottoms

….or big bells as we called them.  The problem with these flares was that, if it was raining, the water would seep up from the hem, over the platform shoes, and finish around the knee area and it was SO uncomfortable.  On the plus side,    as long as they fitted tightly around the butt and were mega flared, then we felt a million dollars!

4. Charm Necklace

This was a bit of a craze in the 80s, with charm bracelets as well as necklaces.  We were always chatting with our school friends about which charms we were going to buy next.  The most popular ones seemed to be the babies bottle and the little book with real pages.