’80s and ’90s Trends Totally Making a Comeback

 Nostalgia never goes out of fashion.

1. Turntables

Audiophiles have been hyping the superiority of vinyl for years.  Its warm sound, natural feeling and fullness of tone supposedly trump the sterile coldness of digital recordings.  While this may or may not be true, LPs and turntables are certainly more popular than they have been since the advent of the CD.

We’re not saying everyone is dumping their Spotify accounts for a Fisher-Price turntable, but there is definitely a big push among the terminally hip to convert (or return) to LPs.  In fact, record pressing plants (the people who make the wax!) can’t keep up with the demand.  And if Justin Timberlake is releasing albums on LP, it’s just gotta be the next big thing, right?

2. The Walkman

Back when the hippest thing you could possibly do was let someone borrow your Walkman to listen to the cassette tape of Thriller, Walkmans were the epitome of hip.  Forget Skull Candy and Beats headphones and tiny MP3 players; Walkmen were meant to be displayed proudly.  Who cared that your CDs skipped when you moved faster than a three-toed sloth?  It was the having of it that was cool.

Now Sony is bringing it all back with a $1200 Walkman. Yeah, we said twelve-hundred dollars. Just don’t expect it to come with those cheap, over-the-head fuzzy headphones. Thankfully, some things are too retro to ever come back.

3. Virtual Reality

Generation X in particular has a fond spot for VR. We’re not sure why, since the whole idea seemed destined for failure from the moment Nintendo released VR Boy back in the early ’90s.

But never fear, you fan(s) of Lawnmower Man: VR is back in a big way.  At least five companies are releasing (or already have) new, super-hip headsets this year. If you thought Bluetooth headsets make people look like the Borg, just wait until the first VR-wearing fool on the street walks into you ”” “Jesus wept!”