9 Childhood Memories That Are The Best Of The Bunch


I find it quite sad when I’m driving around the area where I was brought up and I hardly recognize it.  My old house still stands but the playground next to it has given way to an apartment block.  Our local dime store, which I loved, is now part of a shopping mall.  Despite the disappearance of these physical aspects of my childhood, no one can knock down and erase my memories.

I feel happy and sad when I remember them, especially as my dad is no longer around and we spent a lot of time doing things as a family.  Here are a few memories that might resonate with you.  Hope you enjoy them!

1. Mask

Amazing, poignant movie with Cher, showing us there is more to her than belting out a tune.  She was nominated for a Golden Globe but lost out, unbelievably. I had a lump in my throat for much of the movie.  It was so emotional and I tried hard not to cry!  I think the fact it was based on a true story really got me, even though I was quite young when I watched it.

2. Portable TV

After much nagging, I was allowed a TV very similar to this, for my bedroom. Mine had an indoor aerial which I had to move into all sorts of ridiculous positions to get a clear picture of the program I was watching! The beauty of this portable TV meant I didn’t have to get out of bed on a Saturday morning to watch the Osmonds cartoon – remember the opening song, One Bad Apple!

3. Romper Room

I waited anxiously every day as she looked into the mirror – would she say my name, no! She said the names of my sister and my two cousins and I didn’t take it well! Romper Bomper Stomper Boo, Tell me tell me tell me who, Magic mirror tell me today,