90s Kids Who Were Way Cooler Than You


Roller Bladin’ Bad Boy

This kid has so much awesomeness going on. Colorful shorts, wicked blades, and a sweet stance are a few of the reasons why he is so much cooler than you were as a kid. Do people still roller blade for fun?

Personal TV

This dude has his own TV, he’s somehow playing Mario without a system, he is sporting white washed jeans, and his shoes are as clean as they’ll ever be! The only thing we aren’t sure about is his hair… Was he trying to have some sort of mullet?

That Hairdo Though

This chick is so happy to have that big hairdo. She thinks she is the coolest girl in town. It’s her confidence that made her cooler than you.

Too Cool For Toys

And finally, here is a guy who isn’t afraid to show off his stuffed animal collection. He seriously thinks his toys are awesome. In fact, for a ’90s kid, his toys are pretty awesome.