90’s Middle School Contraband


Children of the ’90s, how permissible was your middle school? Here are 20 items that could result in detention if brought or worn to class. Give your school a point for every banned item and a half point for items likely to be confiscated and report back in the comments.

1. Slap Bracelets

Schools cracked down on the wearing of slap bracelets after hearing reports of children seriously cutting their wrists on the metal interiors.

2. Coed Naked T-Shirts

Some of us were old enough to get the jokes. Some of us weren’t. We all understood the word “naked” though, which was enough to try to hide them underneath button up shirts.


3. Homemade Pen/Pencil Cannons

When we got bored in class, sometimes our thoughts turned to turning the contents of our pencil boxes into projectile weapons. Hacking a retractable pen was the best option — they needed no additional parts to fling something across the room.