Childhood Continues To Die: The ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ House Is Now On Sale


It’s tough times in Hollywood real estate nowadays and this is causing the sale of many famous houses from our childhood. Some of the houses have been announced to be sold: A few different houses from Harry Potter and the San Francisco house from Mrs. Doubtfire.

 The house is located at 2640 Steiner St. and has a value of $4.45 million, says SFGate. The film was shot in this house in 1993 and is still very alive in our hearts.
Since Robin Williams took his own life in 2014, people from all over have been placing flowers and other things at the house as a memorial for the loved star.

The house looks a lot different on the inside than from what we remember.

The owner now is Douglas Ousterhout, a surgeon who specializes in facial feminization for transgender patients. He has owned the house for 20 years now.

If you had the money would you buy this place?