Childhoods Rejoice! The ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Are Coming Back To The Big Screen


Your kids’ (or your) childhood heroes are coming back. Again.

We all remember the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers heck, you were probably dressed as one for Halloween at one point or another.

Power Rangers started out as an early 90s TV series where a group of high school kids transformed into crime-fighting superheros.

The show was so popular that it was turned into two films, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie in 1995 and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie in 1997.

Now, Lionsgate and Saban Brands have announced they are bringing the Rangers back to the big screen for a new and improved live-action movie. The press release says the premise of the film will be ultimately the same:

“The new film franchise will re-envision the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a group of high school kids who are infused with unique and cool super powers but must harness and use those powers as a team if they have any hope of saving the world.”


1.Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Captain Planet is every 90s kid’s favorite superhero that they didn’t realize was a heavy-handed environmental message by some whacked-out billionaire hippie. With the aid of his `Planeteers’ — a racially diverse team of philanthropic teenagers that harness the powers of the Earth — Captain Planet came down from the skies and defeated pollution-themed villains such as Sly Sludge and Hoggish Greedly. His only weakness? Pollution. So, you know, his weakness was pretty much everything.

Considering that we’re even more concerned with the environment these days, what with the whole global warming thing, Captain Planet would be a great superhero to bring to the big screen. The movie would be a preachy, ham-fisted mess of liberal propaganda, but so was `Avatar’ and that was the biggest selling movie of all time.


2. Gargoyles

`Gargoyles’ is the story of a group of creatures that are made of stone by day, but transform into snarling beasts at night. They perch atop a skyscraper in the heart of New York City, and fight villains in the seedy underbelly of the city with the help of their police detective friend.

`Gargoyles’ was surprisingly dark, gritty, and mature for a kid’s show. In fact, it’s perfectly suited for a modern-day movie adaptation. In a world where Christopher Nolan is making everything dark and gritty, `Gargoyles’ comes pre-Nolanized. You could pretty much just put out a shot-for-shot remake of the original show, and little kids would probably still pee their pants.