Discontinued Snacks That Remind Us Why Childhood Was So Good


Everyone had their favorite childhood snacks that you couldn’t wait to see when you opened up your lunch box. Unfortunately, many of these snacks have been discontinued and sent to the land of misfit snacks. So, prepare your tastebuds as we take a trip down memory lane.

These little packages of heaven were the best snack to get in the lunch box. One side contained little kangaroo shaped cookies, while the other contained a scoop of delicious chocolate or vanilla frosting. The perfect combination to make it the perfect lunch.

Planters Cheez Balls
You may be able to get regular cheese balls these days, however you can’t get these. Nothing quite compares to the perfect Planters Cheez Balls. Maybe it’s the the fact that they came in a can, or possibly the fake cheese flavoring. Regardless, these were perfect.

Suzy Q’s
Most of the line of Hostess treats were quite delicious, but there was always something special about the Suzy Q’s. It was like an ice cream sandwich that you didn’t have to keep in the freezer. It was always a treat when mom caved in and let you get these little guys.

Chocolate Vanilla Creme Pop Tarts
Very few kids out there could turn down a pop tart. It’s a shame that these ones didn’t stick around. Sure they were great when you toasted them, but the secret to unlock their true potential was to stick them in the freezer. It’s all coming back now, isn’t it?

BK Chicken Fries
These weren’t discontinued until just a few years ago and what a shame. Nothing screamed “delicious” more than chicken made in the shape of french fries. It was like getting fries with your fries. Even though these were completely unnatural looking, you can’t deny that they were extremely delicious. They will be missed.

Altoids Sours
Regular Altoids were always a bit too minty, but these saved the day. Although they were extremely sour at fist, they turned super sweet after a few seconds. They must have been made with some sort of addictive substance because it was almost impossible to eat just one. Who are you kidding, you ate the whole can in one sitting.

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