Do You Remember Cracker Jack.? Were You A Fan Of Cracker Jack As A Kid?


Mix a great tasting product with some of the best word-of-mouth one could ever hope for and you have the makings for a monumental success. But Cracker Jack had another trick up its sleeve as well. In 1912, they decided to add a toy prize to every box. These toys were mostly plastic trinkets such as rings and figurines, but one never knew what awaited at the bottom of the box.

It might be stickers, a few jokes, temporary tattoos or a tiny booklet. A kid didn’t have to be a fan of baseball to understand that, given a choice of snacks, they wanted the one that included the toy, further fueling the product’s skyrocketing sales. Many dumped out the box immediately to get to the prize. Others dug around inside until they found it, but the fact remains, that toy prize put Cracker Jack over the top.

Another familiar face in the Cracker Jack world worthy of mention is that of Sailor Jack. He and his trusty dog, Bingo were introduced as official mascots in 1918 and continue to appear in advertisements for the product, as well as on every box. to this day. You may also remember that prolific character actor Jack Gilford (Catch-22, Cocoon) served as the television spokesman for Cracker Jack in many commercials that aired in the 60s and 70s.

Suffice to say, little has changed about Cracker Jack in the last century, other than the ownership of the company. Borden Foods acquired the snack in 1964, then sold it to Frito-Lay in 1997, who distributes the product today. There are still prizes, although they tend to be more of the paper variety nowadays. There are also a few more peanuts in each box than there used to be. Otherwise, it is the same great product that has put smiles on the faces of millions of children for a lot longer than any of us can remember.