Do You Remember Jawbreakers..?


There are some candies that you just can’t wait to sink your teeth into. When it comes to Jawbreakers however, you might want to take things at a more leisurely pace, lest they become tooth breakers. By comparison, your jaw is in far less danger of breaking, although it is quite susceptible to aching. That’s the price to be paid for enjoying these little concrete-like treats. Of course, a little discomfort hasn’t stopped millions of kids from enjoying these popular candy balls. Some things (especially those involving lots of sugar) are just worth the risk.

Known alternately as Everlasting Gobstoppers to Willy Wonka fans, and Jawbusters to fans of Ferrara Pan candies, jawbreakers are legendary for their strength and ability to last… and last… and last. It turns out that the process for making them is even more time-consuming than eating them.

According to Ferrara Pan, makers of the Jawbuster, it used to take between 14 and 19 days to make a single candy using the hot-panned process, a process that has been whittled down to about six days on average. They start as single grains of sugar, tossed into revolving pans. During the layering process, flavor, color and other “candy” ingredients are added to the mix until the candies reach the proper size. As a result, though they might appear to be different flavors (and yes, there are subtle differences), the taste usually varies little from candy to candy. They simply taste like sugary spheres of goodness.