Do You Remember Mr. Bones.? What Did You Use The Plastic Container For Afterwards?


Perhaps you were once taught that you should never play with your food. But what if your food was also a nifty jigsaw puzzle? Better yet, what if it was also a disassembled candy skeleton contained within a plastic coffin? Such was the case with Mr. Bones, a novelty item created by Fleer in 1977 that remained popular for decades.

Mr. Bones was the brainchild of a man named Vero Ricci, who created some very memorable plastic candy containers back in the day. After designing those little plastic garbage cans filled with candy for Topps, he turned his attention to something a little more morbid, the plastic coffin. Produced in a variety of colors, each box contained an assortment of candy pieces that were shaped like various human bones. The box also contained a small plastic loop at one end, should you want to turn your eternal receptacle into some fashionable Gothic jewelry.

The flavor of the candy was somewhat forgettable, just your typical dextrose-based, fruit-flavored pressed powder, with a taste and texture somewhere between a Pez tablet and a SweeTart. The shape of the candy, on the other hand, was quite memorable. Each piece resembled a crude rendition of part of the skeletal system. These pieces interlocked like a jigsaw puzzle, and if you had all fifteen, you could create Mr. Bones, the namesake of this confection.