Do You Remember Spuds McKenzie.?


When it comes to advertising mascots, a dog named “Honey Tree Evil Eye” just doesn’t have the right ring to it. Change the moniker to Spuds McKenzie however and you have a partying pooch that anyone could love. In fact, that universal love-fest from people of all ages is what would eventually lead to the curtailing of the beer-hawking bull terrier’s appearances.

With an English ancestry and an American fondness for recreational activities, Spuds made a big bang right out of the starting gate, when he appeared during the 1987 Super Bowl. With an oval-shaped mug, accentuated by a big black circle around his left eye, Spuds quickly became a beloved icon.

How could you not love the fun-loving canine? A lover of water, Spuds was often seen on yachts and jet skies and in swimming pools, showing off his high dive. Often in his company was a virtual harem of beautiful women, each of whom couldn’t help but fall for his charming animal magnetism.

But Spuds had more than just aquatic talents; he also enjoyed horseback riding, hockey and skateboarding. There was seemingly no activity that he was afraid to tackle, and every viewer, young and old alike, marveled at this wonderful dog – and that turned out to be a problem.