Do You Remember Whee-Lo..? Are You A Former Owner Of A Whee-Lo?


Sometimes the very repetitive nature of games is what makes them so mesmerizing. Such is the case with Whee-Lo, a toy that was introduced in the 1950’s, and was so unique and addictive that it continues to sit on store shelves today. Let’s take a look back at this memorable toy that has perpetually entertained us for over half a century.

The first Whee-Lo toys were produced by Maggie Magnetic, Inc. in the early ‘50’s. The concept was both straightforward and timeless – a red, plastic wheel with a magnetized axle and a j-shaped, two-pronged piece of curved wire. You placed the wheel within the wire loop and angled it so that the wheel rolled toward the curved end. The magnet, combined with the momentum, kept the wheel spinning as long as you kept tipping the wire loop back and forth.

Here’s a familiar motorized store display, to serve as a reminder of the fun one could have with a Whee-Lo: