If You Have One Of These Old VHS Tapes It May Be Worth Over $1000


Got VHS tapes collecting dust on a shelf somewhere? Maybe you already reclaimed the space and they’re sitting in an attic long-forgotten. Hopefully you didn’t throw them out, though, as it turns out there might be quite the market for some old tapes. Modern directorial practice for movie releases and re-releases tends to include adding or editing the film from the theatrical version. While some people don’t mind or even enjoy these changes, for others, the original cut is worth a hefty price tag.

Your old VHS tapes could be worth as much as $9,999. One report earlier this year by Your Nation News alleged that a Beauty and the Beast VHS tape sold on eBay for $9,999.

It explained the increase in prices by pointing to editing changes made in subsequent releases of popular films, leading collectors to desire the original in order to obtain the full cut.


Others are less convinced by such stories.

“There’s a lot of brouhaha going on about those but the fact remains that at the moment…they might list for high prices but they’re not selling,” Tony Pernicone, a fine arts dealer who has specialized in valuing Disney memorabilia for over three decades, told Vocative. “Everything is all speculative and it’s all word of mouth, as far as I can tell.”