15 Jewelry Trends From the ’90s That Everyone Loved

 Jewelry trends from past decades have come and gone, but for those of who grew up watching shows like Blossom, it’s fun to see styles from the ’90s showing up again. Chokers are back in fashion, and even neon accessories have made a comeback in recent years. So if you get tired of a piece of jewelry, don’t toss it; save it and it’ll either be back in style soon, or you’ll have a great vintage accessory to wear later on.

1. Puka Shell Necklace

If your middle school boyfriend wasn’t wearing a puka shell necklace, there was no way you were going to end up together (regardless of what your recent game of MASH had determined).

2. Hemp and Cowrie Shell Necklace

The cowrie shell was sort of an off-brand puka. It was also typically accompanied by very uncomfortable hemp, just to make you fully aware of how subpar your choice of seashell neckwear was.

3. Mood Ring

If you didn’t have a piece of jewelry to tell you what kind of mood you were in, how were you supposed to really FEEL?