New Evidence Suggests Titanic Didn’t Sink Because Of An Iceberg


We’ve been told for generations that the reason this ‘unsinkable’ ship met its demise in the middle of the freezing ocean water was due to a massive iceberg which penetrated the side of the ship in such a way that the water was unable to be contained. With that said, new evidence suggests that it was more than just an iceberg that sunk the massive ship!

The story of Titanic became a dramatic movie starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Now, instead of this fateful plunge into the ocean being caused by an iceberg alone, new research finds that the ship had suffered a fire in the hull which may have burned unnoticed for nearly 3 weeks before the collision took place! It seems hard to believe but when you understand the size of the ship then perhaps it’s possible that a fire smoldered enough to be undetectable for so long.