Prom Photos From the ’80s That Own the Entire Decade


Ah, the 80s — a time when men were poodles, and women were also poodles. As these hilarious 80s prom photos show, The Decade That Fashion Forgot was an even more awkward era for prom than most. Grab your white gloves, your cowboy boots, and at least eight cans of Aqua Net — this is going to get ugly:

Pretty in Pink

I once went to prom in Muncie, Indiana with a girl I met in Paris, France. We dressed exactly like this. It was a  glorious time to be alive.

Sometimes prom just isn’t that fun. Sometimes it’s just a mediocre, okay, non-event. That’s the chance you take when you buy the prom ticket…and the tux…and the dress…and the flowers…and the limo…and the dinner…and…

At first glance you might think this is the old cliché of Good Girl/Bad Boy. You know, she’s all dressed up and in pink and he’s got a tattoo and a leather jacket. But in reality, it’s totally reversed. He actually works weekends in his grandma’s pet store. And she’s a bounty hunter.

Answer: Because he’s got three dates to the prom, and when you have three dates to the prom you can wear whatever you want! #swag (If hashtagging existed in the ’80s.)