Stuff Every Elementary School Student Got in Huge Trouble for Having in the 90’s


School was not only a place to see your friends but it was also a structured environment in which you were supposed to follow the rules and if you didn’t you got into big trouble.   Therefore, it was important that you created a careful balance between your personal interests and your responsibilities as a good student.  Here are the things that you got into trouble for having at school:

1. Folded notes.

Before texting, this was how we got our messages to our friends.

2. Nickelodeon Goops.

Having this was even better when you could use it to prank your friends at school.


3. Clackers.

The main reason we weren’t allowed to have these was because they were noisy.


4. Slap Bracelets.

We just couldn’t leave these alone.


5. Handheld Games.

These were keeping us from paying attention in class.